Leicestershire Yeomanry honoured at last

A new memorial has been unveiled in Flanders where men of the Leicestershire Yeomanry helped stem a determined German attack which threatened the strategic town of Ypres. The Battle of Frezenberg Ridge in May 1915 was fought by units of dismounted cavalry. In a desperate struggle lasting 14 hours, the British lines creaked – but held. Ypres was saved, but at terrible cost. Among the dead was the Yeomanry’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Percy Evans-Freke, from Bisbrooke, whose great-grandson Colonel Robert Boyle organised the commemoration.

Colonel Boyle, and other descendants of the men who fought that day, gathered at a spot a hundred yards from what was regimental headquarters to unveil the stone at a point where the fighting was fiercest. It is thought to be the only memorial to a Yeomanry unit anywhere in the Ypres salient. Colonel Boyle said: “I hope in some small way the regiment has some form of appropriate recognition for what it achieved against all the odds.”

William Elliott of Manton was called up to serve in June 1918, aged 46. He fell ill while training in Kent and died… 12:01 PM Dec 9th