Jutland and the Somme 100 years on

3rd July '16

Rutland soldiers and sailors who died at Jutland and the Somme have been remembered on the days special commemorations were held in both Orkney and France. On 31 May, Princess Anne represented the Royal Family at Lyness Royal Navy Cemetery, Hoy, which overlooks Scapa Flo, home of the Grand Fleet. After the service, attended by the great grandchildren of Admirals Beatty and Jellicoe, we were able to add a Rutland Remembers cross to the official wreaths. Three Rutland sailors died in the biggest sea battle of the First World War, two of them serving on the same ship, HMS Black Prince. A month later, we were at the Somme where Princes Charles, William and Harry led the commemorations. Afterwards we placed our own Rutland Remembers wreath at the Stone of Remembrance underneath the great arch of the Thiepval Memorial, next to those laid by princes and presidents.