Soldier number 639

28th July '15

While wandering around Wing Churchyard (as we do!) looking for inscriptions to our soldiers on family graves we discovered the grave of Walter Bagley, who died aged 27 in 1920. It made us think – a young man who died soon after the end of the First World War – could he be another soldier who deserved commemorating?

A bit more research proved he did indeed serve for King and Country. He enlisted at the start of the war and was demobbed from the army just five months before his death.  He served in India, protecting the Empire and working with the Indian Army. With the help of his granddaughter Ann we discovered that he died of tropical abcess – a condition common in India, but incredibly rare in Europe. So it appears clear that Walter was indeed another Rutland soldier who died as a result of his war service, but sadly one who is not on any war memorial.