Who is a “Rutlander?”

11th March '14

Who is a “Rutlander?” In simple terms, anyone who left this County to go to war or had spent a significant amount of time here we consider a Rutlander. That means of course those who were born and bred here. But many of our soldiers came from neighbouring counties and other parts of the country and were here to work – on the land, in the big homes, even as a golf professional. One of them came here just to hunt – but Langham villagers thought so highly of him he’s on their war memorial.

Most of the boys from Oakham School came from Rutland, while 47 others who died were boarders who came from elsewhere. We’ve included them all, either under their village or under Oakham School. We’re short of pictures for most of them.

So what about Uppingham School? Around 450 pupils from Uppingham School fought and died in the Great War. The difference is nearly all of these boys came from other parts of the country and we don’t have much knowledge about them. But one day we would like to include them on this website. Over to you Uppingham School!