John Henry Davenport

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Service number:
18th (Queen Mary's Own) Hussars
Date of birth:
22 July 1893
Date of death:
01 November 1914
Age at Death:

Known information

Corporal John Henry Davenport of the 18th Battalion (Queen Mary's Own) Hussars, was killed at Messines on 1 November 1914. He was the son of John and Harriet Davenport of Langham and was born on 22 July 1893, at Charleson in Fife. He enlisted on 12 April 1912, and was made Corporal in December the following year. He went out to France with the British Expeditionary Force on 14 August 1914, and took part in the Retreat from Mons and in the battles of Messines, Aisne, and Landrecies. He died in the arms of his officer after being hit by a piece of shrapnel on the afternoon of Sunday 1 November 1914, and was buried nearby although his grave was subsequently lost. John was an expert horseman, and took part in the musical ride at the Royal Military Tournament in 1913, and also in the cavalry display at Olympia in the summer of 1914. He is remembered on Panel 1 of the Ploegsteert Memorial and also on the war memorial in Langham.

Photograph courtesy Langham Village History Group

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User contributions

John Henry was one of 8 children. His younger sister Jean or Jane was born in Aberutheran and was my Grandmother on my fathers side. She was in service all of her life. She named my father after John Henry. John Henry would probably have been a natural horseman as his father ( also John Henry) was a stud groom. There are family connections to Lord Lonsdale I believe which were also probably of equine connections.After trying to research further into John Henry's army career I was informed that November 1st was a particularly bad day for the regiment. He was killed on the retreat from Mons.The 18th Hussars' commanding officer at that time was Brigadier Charles Burnett and he wrote a history of the 18th from 1906-1922.The 13/18H Regimental Museum can be emailed
By Davenport on Tuesday 19th August '14 at 1:41pm
Edward William Davenport born 1888 also served and so did David Walter Davenport born 1896.We strongly suspect that John Henry followed his "boss" Colonel David Bryce Burn also of the 18th Hussars in to service. His sister Maria born 186 may have worked for the Colonel. Indeed the whole family may have.
By Davenport on Wednesday 20th August '14 at 3:26pm
Today I received this and am very proud and excited"Thank you for submitting a name for the Roll of Honour at the Tower of London. We are delighted to confirm that your nomination will be included at the ceremony on the 28th of September.The list of 180 names will be read from the poppy-filled Tower moat at sunset, starting at 7:25pm (19.25). The names will be read the order in which they were submitted and validated. ""We will be filming the ceremony and posting the video online. This site is currently under construction, we will let you know when it goes live. We are also adding the lists of names being read each night at so that they can be seen and remembered from anywhere in the world."My sister and I will be visiting Langham on Nov 1st to commemorate John Henry's death 100 years ago. Should any family wish to we would love to meet any of you, please get in touch.
By Davenport on Monday 22nd September '14 at 9:51am
Yesterday at The Tower of London seeing Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red.
By Davenport on Monday 22nd September '14 at 9:58am mins 26 and you will hear John Henry's name read out at The Roll of honour at the Tower of London
By Davenport on Sunday 5th October '14 at 2:44pm
2 images The 2 images posted today show John Henry 2nd row from the front , 3rd from the left.the picture was taken when he was a private at the Royal Naval & Military Tournament 1913.I wonder if any other Rutlanders feature in the picture?
By Davenport on Friday 24th October '14 at 3:21pm

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