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Captain Henry Robert Augustus Adeane visited Rutland to hunt with the Cottesmore in the pre-war years 1910-1913 when he stayed at Langham House in Langham. He was the only son of Admiral Edward Stanley Adeane CMG and Lady Edith Isabella Dalzell, second daughter of Harry Burrard, 14th Earl of Carnwath. He was born at 28 Eaton Place, London on 31 July 1882 and educated at Winchester and Sandhurst. He was gazetted as 2nd Lieutenant in the Coldstream Guards on 18 January 1902, promoted Captain in 1910, and left the army on 17 May 1913. The day after war was declared, Captain Adeane rejoined the Coldstream Guards in the 4th Battlion. He was killed in action near Ypres on 2 November 1914, while serving with the 1st Battalion. He had married on 25 September 1909, Victoria Eugenie, eldest daughter of Colonel Sir Arthur Bigge, who became Lord Stamfordham, and had a son, Michael Edward, born 30 September 1910 who later became Private Secretary to King George VI and afterwards to Queen Elizabeth II. Henry has no known grave and is remembered on Panel 11 of the Menin Gate and on Langham's war memorial.

Photograph courtesy Langham Village History Group

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