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Willoughby Iliffe survived the war only to be killed in a railway accident on his way home to be demobilised. He was born in Oakham on 28 February 1880, the son of George and Mary Iliffe. They lived at 25 Simper Street, Oakham, a short distance from John T Hudson who was also killed in the First World War. Willoughby enlisted in the Royal Engineers on 22 November 1915, and went out to France in November 1916. He served with the transportation branch for two years without being injured despite facing many dangers. Willoughby was on his way home for demobilisation when the railway train in which he was travelling collided with another at Neufchatel, northern France, and he was badly injured. He died on 8 June 1919 from his injuries which included a fractured skull. He was buried at Etaples Military Cemetery, France, grave LXXII.F.21. Willoughby is remembered on the war memorial in the grounds of All Saints' Church in Oakham and on the memorial plaque in the Baptist Church along the High Street.

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A picture of Mr Iliffe's headstone
By John Stokes on Tuesday 20th September '16 at 5:05am
A Rutlander, living in Belgium

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