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Neville Edmund Joyce, who served in the Royal Navy Air Service, was one of three cousins from Morcott who died in the First World War. He was born in Morcott on 25 October 1892, one of six children of Alfred and Fanny Joyce and worked as a baker. He joined the RNAS on 18 October 1918, and died in the Royal Navy Hospital, Chatham just three weeks later on 7 November but we do not know the cause of death. He is buried at Morcott Cemetery. Also buried there is his cousin Edmund Joyce who died in 1917 while training with the army. A third cousin, Hebert Berridge, was killed in the Battle of the Somme. Three other cousins also served and survived. Neville's brother Owen served in the Agriculture Labour Corps.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission says Neville served in the Royal Air Force rather than the RNAS but his service records have not survived so we cannot be certain one way or the other.

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