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Walter Albert Lewin was born in Oakham on 23 February 1897, the son of  Walter and Alice Lewin of 30 Northgate Street. He was a groom, and joined the Leicestershire Yeomanry in March 1916, just after reaching the age of nineteen. He was transferred to the Leicestershire Regiment and went abroad with a draft on 21 December 1916. Walter was killed in action during a short but intense bombardment on 21 April 1917, and was buried two days later in Mazingarbe Communal Cemetery Extension, near Vermelles, grave I.D.14. The Chaplain, in a letter to his parents, wrote: "They have laid down their lives in the course of bravely and faithfully doing their duty to King and Country, and, as we believe, in the cause of God and Right." Walter is remembered on Oakham's war memorial.

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2 images Photos of Walter (my grandfather's cousin) that were sent to me from a relative in Canada. No dates available
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