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George Miller was the son of George Miller Snr and his wife of 11 Crown Street, Oakham. He was born on 2 December 1886 at Keyworth in Nottinghamshire. George was a shepherd before enlisting in the 6th Battalion Leicestershire Regiment on 17 July 1916, shortly after the Battle of the Somme began in which so many Rutland men died. He was subsequently transferred to the Machine Gun Corps. He went out to France in October 1916, and was killed by a shell on 31 August 1918. Lieutenant Walker wrote to his parents and described what happened: "During the recent fighting your son was one of a gun team in position in the vicinity of Furtive Farm, near La Clyte, behind Kemmel village. Before advancing we were subjected to some artillery fire, and one large shell fell on his position. It was only a moment before we were on the spot, but only to find that your son and four other members of the team had been killed instantly. We buried them in all honour in the little yard of this mined building before advancing immediately afterwards, and our padre has since visited the spot. He had not been long in my section, but long enough for me to find out his qualities. He was ever a very willing and steady soldier in action." George is buried in what is now La Clytte Military Cemetery near Ypres, grave V.B.25 along with another Oakham man, Benjamin Bland, who was also in the Machine Gun Corps and also killed in 1918, although not in the same incident. George is also on Oakham's war memorial.

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By John Stokes on Sunday 14th December '14 at 6:15pm
A Rutlander, living in Belgium
In my view the father of George Miller was John Abraham Miller and his mother was Fanny Miller (nee Simpson). The Army Registers of Soldiers Effects for the period 1901 - 1929 includes an entry for George Miller (Record number 809693 and Regimental Number 146135) disclosing that his father was 'John A'. The 1911 Census reveals that George Miller lived with John Miller in Crown Street Oakham. The Oakham Electoral Rolls for 1932 - 1935 show that John Abraham Miller lived at 11 Crown Street Oakham. Also the Keyworth parish records at disclose that George Miller was christened on 2 Oct 1887 and his parents were John and Fanny Miller
By Pablo on Wednesday 27th June '18 at 4:42pm

Rutland and The Battle of the Somme

More than 90 Rutland soldiers died in the Battle of the Somme which lasted from 1 July 1916 until the middle of November. Today they lie in cemeteries across the old battlefield in northern France or are remembered among the 72,000 names on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme. By using our interactive map, you can find out what happened to them.

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