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Walter Scott from Uppingham died from 'flu just a week before the Armistice, and just two weeks before his 35th birthday. He was born in Uppingham on 18 November 1883, the eldest son of Frank Scott and his wife of Pine House in the High Street. He worked as a carpenter and joiner. Before joining up in September 1914 he had been a member of the Rutland Volunteers and Leicestershire Yeomanry, having only left the latter in the spring of 1913. When the First World War broke out in August 1914 he joined his old regiment and on 10 September began training at Leicester and Melton. In October he joined the Yeomanry at Diss, but broke his right leg below the knee after being kicked by a carthorse. He was taken to a Voluntary Aid Detachment hospital at Diss and from there was sent to the 1st General Hospital at Cambridge where he stayed for about six weeks. He went home for a period of convalescence, and then returned to Leicester, and from there again to Melton for further training. He went out to France on Whit Monday 1915, and through the winter of 1915-16 served with the infantry in the trenches. In April 1917, Walter was invalided home with septic poisoning in his hand and arm and was sent to Lincoln Hospital. and subsequently to Skegness for about six weeks. After the usual leave, he was sent to the Cavalry Depot at Aldershot where he worked with cavalry remounts through the winter of 1917-18. He was married on 4 February 1918 to Nellie Cranfield. In March he was again sent out to France and was transferred to the Queen's Own Oxford Hussars. He served with C Squadron until October when he injured his foot and was sent down to the base. From there he was taken to the 2nd Canadian General Hospital, Le Treport, where he developed influenza and pneumonia and died on 3 November 1918. Walter is buried at Mont Huon Military Cemetery, Le Treport, grave VII.L.10A, and is remembered on Uppingham's war memorial.

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