Bernard Charles Beaver

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Service number:
Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
Date of birth:
01 February 1895
Date of death:
08 August 1918
Age at Death:
BEAVER Bernard Charles

Known information

Private Bernard Charles Beaver was the son of Alfred and Annie Beaver of 50, Cold Overton Road, Oakham, and was born on 1 February 1895. He was apprenticed to a Mr R T Stevens of Oakham, as a tailor's cutter, but moved to Gravesend where he lived until joining the army in October 1915. He first enlisted in the City of London Yeomanry but transferred to the 9th Battalion Royal Fusiliers where he became a Lewis machine gunner. Bernard served in Ireland durring the Easter Rising before going to France, where he took part in the battles of Cambrai, the Somme, Arras, and other fighting. He was killed on 8 August 1918, at Morlancourt on the Somme as the British began the 100-day "Advance to Victory." A comrade wrote: "There was only him and myself left in the German third line, and then we were in danger from a German bombing post. The Germans saw us and threw over some bombs, several of which we missed, but then we got one which blew our gun to pieces, and a bit of it hit me in the hand, another hit Beaver killing him. He suffered no pain whatever." Bernard is buried at Beacon Cemetery in Sailly-Laurette near Albert, grave III.C.22. He was well known as a promising violinist, and was in an orchestra in Ireland, and also in France during his stay at a convalescent camp. He is remembered on Oakham's war memorial.

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User contributions

Having conducted my family history ("My Family And Other Animals - The Beaver's of Oakham"), I can assert the Private Bernard Charles Beaver (number 62365) was a distant relation of mine, and was distantly related to all of the other Beaver fallen on this site.
By Derbyshirelad on Tuesday 17th June '14 at 2:50pm
Bernard's parents had already had a son die at age of 7 in 1901 and were left with a daughter and another son aged about 19 and 16.The son married and had a daughter in the Leicester area.
By Dadobungo on Monday 20th October '14 at 6:53pm

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