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Frank Tawn was killed in a bombing raid by a German plane during the Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele). Frank was born in Uppingham in late 1889. By 1911 he was working as a baker's assistant and living in South Market Place at the home of his employer, Charles Mackinder. He was married and for a time his wife was living at Rockleigh in Uppingham but she also had links to Horncastle in Lincolnshire. She later became a Red Cross nurse. Frank joined the 2nd/4th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment in October 1914. He was sent to Ireland during the Easter Uprising, and then served on the Western Front. According to George Phillips in Rutland and the Great War, he was killed in September 1917 near Vlamertinghe, Belgium, by a bomb dropped from a German aircraft. But there is some confusion about the actual date. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission records he died on 26 September. But according to the battalion war diary, that was a day the Lincolnshires took part in a successful attack near Wieltje. Three days later, the battalion marched to Red Rose Camp at Vlamertinghe, arriving there at 12.30am on 30 September. It records: "After arrival at camp 1 man was killed and 1 man wounded together with 2 horses killed and 4 wounded by an aeroplane bomb dropped on the Ypres-Poperinghe road near Brandhoek." A letter from a friend suggests Frank did not take place in the big attack and was killed behind the lines: "I heard the news about two hours later on coming down the line. When we went up the last Monday [24 September], Frank was left behind. Many good boys were killed up the line and it seemed so hard that he who was left behind should be killed also. He always did his duty most thoroughly, and I have much to thank him for his kindly influence in my recruit days when I first made his acquaintance." He was buried in Vlamertinghe New Military Cemtery, grave XII.G.6, and is remembered on Uppingham's war memorial.

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2 images Some pictures of the headstone, taken 13 December 2014
By John Stokes on Saturday 13th December '14 at 10:19pm
A Rutlander, living in Belgium
A picture of his headstone, taken on a visit to the cemetery 28 February 2016.
By John Stokes on Sunday 28th February '16 at 5:03pm
A Rutlander, living in Belgium

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