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Until 2019, Alban Jarman was not commemorated in either of two villages where he once lived or on Belton-in-Rutland's war memorial, the village where he had the closest connections. Alban was born in East Norton near Billesden in mid 1891 to William and Lucy Jarman, the second youngest of eight children. By 1911, he was living with his widowed mother and younger brother in Allexton and worked as a farm labourer. He played football for Belton and was a keen bell ringer, becoming a founding member of the Guild of Bell Ringers at St Peter's Church in Belton. He is one of two ringers who died and whose names are on a special memorial at the back of the church. Alban served with the 13th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards), a so-called Bantam Battalion made up of men who did not meet the army's minimum height and chest measurements but were otherwise fit for active service. He died in the Battle of Cambrai on 23 November 1917. The Green Howards, part of 40th Division, attacked the woods on the Bourlon Ridge in an action supported by 100 tanks and 430 guns. The ridge was eventually captured but the division suffered 4000 casualties in three days of heavy fighting. Among them was Alban who has no known grave. A week later, another Belton bell ringer, Charles Reeve, died in the same battle. Both are commemorated on the Cambrai Memorial at Louverval in France, Alban on Panel 5, but for more than a hundred years his name did not appear on any local war memorial. Allexton, where he lived, does not have a war memorial at all while East Norton, where he was brought up and spent most of his short life, describes itself as a Thankful Village, one where every man who left to fight came safely home again. There is a plaque in the church to make the point. But Alban has always been remembered on Belton's Ringers' memorial inside St Peter's church. In October 2019 the parish council added his name to the village memorial in the centre of the village, finally honouring Alban alongside seven other men from Belton.

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Alban was born in the summer of 1891 and was living in East Norton according to the 1901 census. In the 1911 census he's shown as a Farm Labourer living at Allexton, by which time his mother is a widow. His memorial service is recorded on the Yorkshire Regiment website - See http://www.ww1-yorkshires.org.uk/html-files/church-bell-ringers.htm#belton This includes a report of the memorial service from a local newspaper (Pictured)
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Mr Jarman's memorial
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A Rutlander, living in Belgium

Rutland and The Battle of the Somme

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