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Gladys Eliza Walter, a Member of the Women's Royal Air Force, was one of three women from Rutland who died during their service in the First World War. But her name was only added to Braunston's village war memorial in April 2015. Gladys was born in 1898 in Knossington, Leicestershire, and lived with her grandmother, Harriett, in Braunston before the war, helping out in the house, while her grandfather William was working as a coachman at Burough-on-the-Hill, Leicestershire. Her parents, Arthur and Eliza also lived in Braunston where Gladys had attended the village school. She was the youngest daughter of four children including a brother called Charles. She joined the newly-formed Women's Royal Air Force on 19 September 1918 and was based in Grantham, working on aircraft frames. She died on Armistice Day 1918, from pneumonia. She is buried in Braunston churchyard and is finally remembered on the village war memorial, rededicated in a special ceremony attended by the Lord Lieutenant on 4 April 2015. She is not, however, remembered on the marble plaque inside the church which commemorates the men who died.

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