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Sub Lieutenant Charles Philip Tanner, a former pupil of Oakham School, died on board HMS Indefatigable during the Battle of Jutland, one of three Rutland men to die in the battle. He was born at Cold Overton, Leicestershire, where his father the Reverend George Alfred Tanner was Rector there and of nearby Knossington. Charles was at Oakham School between 1905-1911 and earned a rugby Colour before becoming a Whitworth Scholar at Glasgow University where he gained a BSc in engineering. He joined the Royal Navy at the outbreak of war and was posted onboard Indefatigable, part of the Grand Fleet which met the Germans off Jutland. The Official History, Naval Operations, by Sir Julius S Corbett, published in 1923, states: "At the other end of the line the duel between HMS Indefatigable and the Von der Tann had been growing in intensity till, a few minutes after 0400 hours, the British ship was suddenly hidden in a burst of flame and smoke.  A salvo of three shots had fallen on her upper deck and must have penetrated to a magazine. She staggered out of the line, sinking by the stern when another salvo struck her; a second terrible explosion rent her, she turned over and in a moment all trace of her was gone."  Of her crew of 1019, only two survived. Charles is remembered in Knossington's church. He is also remembered in Oakham School Chapel. His parents George and Josephine Elizabeth later moved to Ebor House, Godwin Road, Hastings. 

Photograph of Charles courtesy of University of Glasgow Archive Services

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Born 1893.Remembered on Panel 10 of the Plymouth Naval Memorial.
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