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Horace Green and his twin brother Ernest both died in the First World War. They were born in Preston in 1889, the sons of Thomas and Hannah Green and lived at 59 Church Lane, near the church. Horace was the first of the brothers to die, on 23 August 1916 while serving in Mesopotamia [Iraq] with 76th Battery Royal Field Artillery. He was 27. His brother Ernest died two years later on the Western Front. Horace is buried in Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery, grave XXI.C.44, and the twins are remembered on Preston's war memorial. They are also remembered on the memorial at Great Easton, where Ernest was living after his marriage and the village their mother moved to after the war. Ernest's only son, Reginald, was killed in the Second World War when his Stirling bomber was shot down over Belgium and his name is also on the memorial.

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