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Claude Cressy Horsley was a pupil at Oakham School between 1898 and 1899. He was the son of Charles and Mary Horsley and was from Ightham in Kent and was married to Katharine Horsley from Buckinghamshire. Claude was a Lieutenant with the 4th Battalion The Prince of Wales’s (North Staffordshire Regiment), part of 106 Brigade 35th Division. He fought around Ypres and was injured in June 1916 but returned to the front line and was injured again on 17 November 1917 and died eleven days later on 28 November 1917. He was 35. The war diary for 4th North Staffs states that on 17 November 1917 they were in the line west of Cambrai (area Morchies to Lagnicourt) and Lieutenant Horsley was reported as wounded. He is buried in grave IV.J.4 at Wimereux Communal Cemetery near Boulogne where he had been treated in hospital. Claude is also remembered in Oakham School Chapel.


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Wimereux Communal Cemetery on Thursday 29th May 2014
By Matt Steele on Thursday 29th May '14 at 1:07pm
Born 1883.At Oakham School 1898-99.Graqve photo attached.
By BN on Tuesday 17th June '14 at 3:56pm
Grave Photo
By BN on Wednesday 18th June '14 at 10:20am
We have his Bible, with verses written out presumably in his hand. It was (I think) bought in a second-hand shop and we would love to return it to a member of his family if they would like it.
By Helen_Bath on Tuesday 19th May '20 at 8:59pm

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