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Reginald Arthur Westmacott was born in Gloucestershire towards the end of 1895, the son of Lucy Westmacott. In 1901 and aged five he was living with his mother and uncle Frederick. He was Christened on 24 December 1906, aged 11. By 1911 his mother had moved to Barrow in Rutland and had remarried, becoming Lucy Bick. Reginald is listed as being in Barrow in the 1911 census when he would have been 16. It is reasonable to assume he joined the army as a professional soldier before the First World War, since he was serving in the First Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment when he was killed in December 1914, too early in the war for the new volunteers to have made it to the Front. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has his date of death as 1 December and his age as 20, while other records have it as December 21. A handwritten log for his "soldier's effects" has "death presumed 21/12/14." This is more likely since the battalion was resting at Hazebrouck between 26 November and December 20. On December 21 it moved to Le Touret. The battalion war diary states: "About 4pm orders were received that the Battalion in conjunction with the 1st Loyal North Lancashire Regt. was to make a night attack to recover trenches about half a mile east of Rue de L'Epinette, half a mile south of Rue de Bois which had been lost the previous night. The two Battalions moved to the attack about 7pm. The Battalion had two companies in the front line and two in support. By 10pm the position in front of us had been retaken with slight loss, most of our casualties coming from artillery fire. Total casualties killed and wounded, three officers and about 60 men." It's likely Reginald was among them. He has no known grave and is remembered on Panel 29 of Le Touret Memorial, less than a mile from where the attack took place, but sadly he is not remembered on any memorial in Rutland.

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