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Arthur Webster and his brother Harry George were inseparable in life and died within a month of each other during the First World War. Arthur was the youngest son of George and Ada Webster of Seaton. He was born in Rutland in the summer of 1882. His father died when he was still a child and in 1908 his mother also died. As adults, Arthur and Harry moved to Coalville to work in the quarry there. They both married, they both had young sons and they both lived in the same street in the town. The brothers were called up in 1917 and on 17 July they enlisted together, into the North Staffordshire Regiment. They were sent to the Western Front on 2 October 1917 and a week later they transferred together to the 9th Battalion Leicestershire Regiment. Arthur died just three weeks later on 28 October 1917, apparently from food poisoning during the Third Battle of Ypres, aged 35. He was probably treated in hospital near Poperinghe while the battalion was fighting near Polygon Wood. Harry was to die only four weeks after that, on 22 November, after the battalion had been withdrawn from the battle and sent to rest. Their billets were shelled by German artillery which managed a direct hit on one hut. The fortunes of war denied the brothers a shared resting place. Arthur lies in Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium, grave XXII.H.7. Harry is buried near Bethune in France. After the war Arthur's wife Clara remarried and was living in Rock View Cottage, Battle Flat, Bardon Hill, Leicestershire. Arthur and Harry are not on Seaton's war memorial, and they are not mentioned in George Phillips' Rutland and the Great War. But they are remembered on Coalville's war memorial, their names side by side, together once again.

We are grateful to Shaun Webster, Harry's great grandson, for telling us about Arthur and providing much of our information.

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4 images Some pictures of Mr Webster’s headstone, taken 19 April 2015.
By John Stokes on Tuesday 21st April '15 at 7:36pm
A Rutlander, living in Belgium
Arthur was my Great Great Uncle. I live in whitwick (near Coalville) and am the great grandson of Arthurs Elder brother Harry George, who Arthur moved with to Coalville from seaton. They both lived on the same street (Water works Road).Sadly, Harry was also killed about a month later on the 22/11/17 by a shell He was 37, and is buried in the Hersin Communial cemetery just outside Bethune (ironically not that far from where Arthur is buried). His serial number was 41041, also of the 9th battalion Leicester Regiment, and as Arthurs serial was one digit different, I guess as brothers they signed up together, and possibly (I'd like to think) be together when Arthur was killed. Harry left his wife anni maud and son Harry george (My Grandad.) He lived at 105 waterworks road. Annie never re-married. Harry had previously served with the north staffordshire regiment, I guess in the second Boer War, was Arthur there Too??I thank John for the pictures they are fantastic, I have only discovered this info on Arthur today, after 10years or more researching family history.If you are interested, I have pictures etc of harry, but unfortunately never visited the grave.If there is any additional information as to where or how he was killed I would be greatful to receive.
By Webby on Tuesday 25th August '15 at 1:17am

Rutland and The Battle of the Somme

More than 90 Rutland soldiers died in the Battle of the Somme which lasted from 1 July 1916 until the middle of November. Today they lie in cemeteries across the old battlefield in northern France or are remembered among the 72,000 names on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme. By using our interactive map, you can find out what happened to them.

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