George Avery Moor

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Service number:
Lance Corporal
Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)
Date of birth:
02 January 1889
Date of death:
30 March 1918
Age at Death:
MOOR George Avery

Known information

George Avery Moor appears on a plaque inside Essendine church as George Avory Moore. But a check with the Canadian records and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission shows this to be incorrect. His CWGC record says he was the son of George and Lizzie Moor. His father was a chemist who died when young George was nine. His mother subsequently remarried more than once and the CWGC has her name as Lizzie Bolt Cuthberton of Sheffield. George was born on 2 January 1889 in Droitwich.  His father was listed in the 1891 census as living in Essendine with his sister Fanny Mary, but Lizzie and baby George are not named as living there and so it is unclear where George was brought up. Fanny was married to a farmer in Essendine called William North and lived there with her sister Laura Moor. George's Great Niece Susan says after George's father died he and his younger sister Dorothy went to live with other members of their family and it could be this is when he moved to Essendine. By 1911 census he was listed as an insurance clerk in Islington. George emigrated to Canada in 1912 to become a farmer himself. He joined the Ist Canadian Contingent, attesting on 24 September 1914, and came back to Europe to fight in the First World War. He died on 30 March 1918, in the same battle that another Rutlander who had emigrated to Canada, Bertie Chapman, was killed as well. Neither men have a known grave and are both remembered on the Vimy Memorial.

We are very grateful to George's Great Niece Susan Reid for her information and also to Camilla Brandal for her research into George's background, since initially all we had to go on was the incorrect plaque in Essendine Church. He is not mentioned by George Phillips in Rutland and the Great War.

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User contributions

George Avery Moor was my grandmother, Dorothy Mary Moore's brother. Dorothy married James Henry Reid and had 2 children ,Avery b.1918 and Frank , b.1921. Avery had 3 daughters, Dorothy, Jean and Lorraine. Frank had 2 daughters, Susan and Patricia. I am Frank Reid's daughter, Susan Avery Reid. Will have to look up birth dates etc etc, if you'd like me to. My cousin, Dorothy is the most likely person to have information. Know that my grandmother and her brother, George were 'farmed out' to other family after their father died. Not very happily, I believe, thus the confusion.Regards, Susan (sue) Reid
By Susan Reid on Saturday 31st October '15 at 9:24pm

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